TODAY, I choose me and no, it’s not SELFISH….


Today, I choose me and no, it’s not selfish. I choose to be HAPPY!.. I choose to laugh out loud, I choose to binge watch my favorite shows and play my favorite games, I choose to dress up and take pictures, I choose to facetime my friends and talk about our favorite things…

Today, I refuse to be sad, I refuse to think about my bills, I refuse to think about the debts I have to pay, I refuse to worry about what I failed at and what I would have done differently.

Today, I’m not thinking about the what if’s, I’m not thinking about the odds, I’m not thinking about the negatives, I’m not thinking about the fact that I will be laughed at, I’m not thinking about any of these…:

Today I’m not thinking about what they will think, I’m not thinking about what they will say, I’m…

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My Year One


Complains are delays. Instead of complaining, why not find the solution? Don’t over think. Don’t worry. Believe in yourself that you’ll make it and you will.

The more we complain about our problem, the more problem we complain about.

Throughout my year 1, I could not tell my parents what was going on. It was during the christmas break that I told them everything. Some things was too late to be solved while others were solved. My parents understood me more than myself. I’m so glad I’m close to my parents now.

Social media was my life partner. It was my addict. Some of my happy moments was on social media. I could express myself to my siblings and friends. I’ve learnt so much from social media.

Honestly, God’s time is the best. Take God first. Take all your problems to God cause he is ever ready to help you…

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My year 1: social life


My social life was a rollercoaster. Being my first year in calabar/unical, it was very hard for me to adapt. I hardly had water and light. I was an introvert. 😂.

I had a roommate. Our relationship with each other was very toxic. She was older than me. I could not let her maltreat me because I was younger. She always said “I’ll take you like my sister but she didn’t take me like her sister”. We hardly talked in the room and outside. I didn’t experience that type of life while I was in high school, so it was more than tough for me. I wasn’t that happy Janet I knew. Sometimes, I’ll ask myself “wtf is all this?” Wtf did I do wrong to offend life? Mehn, I got pissed off over unnecessary things. I adapted faster to unical sad life.

I lost a lot of my closest…

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The ‘Religion’ Talk ⛪️

I began thinking,why do we judge people and the church they attend. Its a common thing here in our country Nigeria and maybe other countries. We don’t see the goodness in people and one slight mistake your church will be dragged into it.

I personally think that people should attend any church of their choice so far as the church you attend brings you closer to God and makes you a better person to your family,people around you and the entire world itself. I know someone who is a catholic but doesn’t get moved when in church and basically just keeps going there cause they were born into that church. This is so wrong on so many levels.

People should go to the church that brings out the best in them spiritually and brings them closer to God. If Catholic Church is not it for you change, if Methodist is not it for you change, if Winners or any other church is not it for you change. ‘ You deserve a place of worship where your soul will be moved my the spirit and you become closer to God’ .

Well the big issue in Nigeria is the issue of Religion. Basically this whole religion thing is quite simple to me but people make it way more complicated than it is. In my opinion all religions worship the same God just through different means. Some do it through Jesus, some through Allah or through any other means but at the end of the day it’s one God everything goes to . So why so much hate between them .

They make it seem like it’s about whose religion is more superior then the other. Religion superiority has been going on for ages . It is basically rooted in out hearts right from when we were born. But it doesn’t have to be the his way.

You can choose your path to follow but don’t judge others for following theirs. We should learn to love and treat each with other with respect because at the end of the day it’s the same heaven and paradise we are all fighting for to get in. This will go along way to make Nigeria a better place.

Living Is All That Matters✨

We are often so full of ourselves you know. Our heads are heads are so high up in the clouds. This generation makes the ” I don’t care attitude” a trend. Everyone hides their true feelings,being afraid to be seen as weak or being hurt by people.

I watched a movie titled “Irreplaceable You” and it purged me of emotions I thought I let go or I never had or I had forgotten. I have realized that life is very short and we should learn to value the things we have now and to live in the moment while we still have it. We should learn to appreciate our lives cause someone else is hoping to be where we are.

We push away people and things that make us truly happy. I guess it’s because we are afraid. Afraid of what you may ask,afraid that one day they or it isn’t going to be there anymore so we let them go so that we would try and move on before it’s time ends. We are so afraid of being attached cause deep down we know that one day they or it isn’t going to be there anymore.

We lose people. And I have learnt that sometimes or most of the time it’s not only to death,we lose them by pushing them away.

Irreplaceable you is a movie that tries to send a message to us. The message being that “we should enjoy life to the very best”. Love like you would never love again,smile like you would never smile again , cause you don’t know if it’s your last. Do what truly makes you happy. Don’t think too much about it, learn to go with the flow. Of course life is tough but what would you do if you were told that you wouldn’t be alive in a week or two.

This movie is a heart warmer. I hope that as you watch it you feel something. I know some of you claim not to have feelings or don’t cry but I hope at least you have a change of heart and a new perspective in life when you watch this movie.

Let go of people and things that you are very sure doesn’t make you happy or add value to your life. “Life is too short for wasted time and memories with someone who doesn’t care”. Embrace people and things that truly make you happy and don’t think too much about what others say cause your happiness should be paramount.

Live life to the fullest cause you don’t know when everything is going to end. Sad isn’t it but it’s the truth,a bitter truth that we have to come to terms with. And if you cry while watching this movie, you are not too sensitive, if it gets to you, it’s gets to you. And if you don’t hopefully a change of heart and mind set comes your way.

This should be a wake up call to everyone. You only live once and make sure you live it to it’s best. Go do things your afraid to do. Leave your comfort zone. Try new things,make new friends,go out and have fun. And most importantly don’t forget to live .♥️✨

The Niger Beauty 🇳🇪

It was on a Saturday,my roommate came into the room with a girl of about 12 to 13 years. She was pretty like really pretty. She had this very curly and luscious hair that was also very soft and silk like. She had a beautiful smile that lit up the room. A slender petite body she had and her name was Fatima.

She walked into the room smiling and just sat on my bed with a grin on her face,”my name is Fatima”,she said. I was a bit taken aback by her forwardness. I know very well that I cannot approach someone like that. I was watching a movie on my phone and she laid down with me to watch it too. She placed her feet on my bed,it was quite dirty and I was a bit uncomfortable about that cause I’m kind of a clean freak but I didn’t say anything.

According to what my roommate told me,she found Fatima at the entrance of our school. She was begging people there and the security men tried to take advantage of her. My roommate whose name is Ella is a feminist so seeing the little girl in that situation really ticked her off. She approached them and took the girl away from there and brought her to the room.

She was a very lively girl and so full of life. She didn’t take things to heart and she was so carefree . She had a weird accent. It was a mixture of pigin English and her local tongue and a little of French. She couldn’t speak proper English so she stuck to pigin most of the time of which she was an expert I must say. Of course I, being as inquisitive as ever started a question and answer session. From them, I could gather that she was from Niger and came to Nigeria with her mother and a few others from her village a few years ago . They were searching for a better life, greener pastures you can call it.

  • Our conversation went like this; Geraldine : “So how did you get to Nigeria Fatima”,I asked.
  • Fatima : “Na so one day like that my mama come tell me say make I pack all my things way I fit carry. As I de so I bin day like six or seven “, she said thoughtfully. “We pack our things way we fit carry comot for house”.
  • Geraldine : “so you don’t have a father and siblings ” , I asked.
  • Fatima : “ahh I get oo. I get. I get father and brother and sister but we no come with them”, she replied.
  • Geraldine : “why didn’t you come with them”,I asked.
  • Fatima: “me I no know ooo. Na so I just see am”,she replied. My mama just carry me so. We run run run with people so. We come enter one big lorry. We squeeze squeeze ourselves so. We de like that oo till we come reach Naija.
  • Geraldine : “where in Nigeria did you get to first ? ” , I asked.
  • Fatima : ” we reach Calabar first first. We stay for Calabar for long like this ehh before we come Uyo”, she replied.
  • Fatima is really interesting to talk to. She never really went to school but she told me she has always wanted to. She had this yearning for knowledge which she didn’t have. It was so sad. My roommates and I took turns to teach her simple maths and english. And she was a fast learner. A girl of that age didn’t know what being on your period was and if a person from the opposite sex was trying to take advantage of you sexually and this was the state in which my roommate found her that day.
  • She was always so lively and carefree about life even if life was not so good to her. She had a wonderful voice and was always singing in her native tongue to us. One of my roommates asked her one time the meaning to the lyrics to the song she was singing just in case she was insulting us and I laughed at that. Fatima went around begging, that’s what she does though. It wasn’t something my roommates and I were comfortable with especially with the circumstances through which we met her . She could walk from one side of town to the other and wouldn’t be tired. Then go back to her house which was very far from my school late at night. She also said that she trekked from Calabar to Uyo. I don’t know if that is true tho but that’s what she said.
  • Fatima speaking in her native tongue

  • She could also belle dance very well too. A big talkative she was. But I enjoyed her company nevertheless. We once asked her what she used on her hair to make it so soft and shiny and she said that they have a special cream in which they used and she brought it for us. Fatima was a social butterfly and before I knew it she was well known in the hostel. She had lots of friends now and they gave her a lot of things. She was always asking us to teach her how to dance , me that can’t even dance even if my life depended on it ,lol.
  • It was on a Sunday, she came to see us and she told us that she wouldn’t be around anymore. I was confused as to what she ment by that until she explained that she was going back to Niger. I was so sad because I had gotten so attached to her. She came to my room almost every day to see me and I would also miss her gisting me of all her experience as struggling and sad and difficult as it sounded . I gained a thing or two from Fatima.
  • I learnt that we should always look at things from the bright side. No matter how life was horrible to her she was always smiling. Sometimes she couldn’t even afford to eat three square meals per day talk less of two and when that happened she would be very happy. I once asked her if she was comfortable where she lived and she smiled and said,”ahh I no like am oo.But wetin I fit do, at least I get place to sleep some people no get place to sleep oo them they sleep for road. Me I de happy like that oo “.

    The last video I have of her 😭

    My roommates and I asked her to come later in the week so that we could contribute money and give her as a fair well gift but she never came to get it. That Sunday was the last time I saw Fatima. But I will always remember her tho . I miss her a lot and I hope one day I get to see her, hopefully in a better condition than I last time I saw her .I will always remember her as my Niger Beauty ❤️